How To Do Super Easy Snake Braid

How To Do Super Easy Snake BraidGirls of all ages enjoy looking good. How to dress, what accessories to wear and carry, what jewlery if any works and what to do with the hair. There are so many styles to pick from. When it comes to hair we girls have so many options. Face it, men/boys can get a different cut, but then they have to wait for it to grow out before they can choose something different. For that reason alone, makes me love being a girl!

Without coloring, tinting or such we girls can change up our look so much. We can do a bun and look like the old librarian, or a different kind of buns and look like a mouse. Pony tails, pig tails, and so much more. Well for today we will see the technique on how to do super easy snake braid.

Supplies Needed

Tangle Free Clear hair ties

100 Various Colored Elastic Hair Ties

For How To posts, I like to give a list of supplies. This particular uses only 2 things, and one is growing on your head. The other is some kind of fastener. You can use bobby pins, hair clips, elistac bands or whatever. I usually work with my daughters hair or their daughters so I keep clear elastic bands available. I also like matching colored bands to what they are wearing and keep plenty of those.

Step by Step Instructions

So this is easy. Just start with 3 normal pretty much equal locks. Weave them as normal and stop before the tresses start to get thin. Once you have ended the weaving process, you will take hold of the center piece and slide the other 2 up. Do keep good control of those two. Use the center as a core and keep it taught. Holding the two outside locks right where they come from behind the center so they just allow you to slid them, pull them up to the top as you firmly pull the center back. Don't pull too hard though, no need to hurt someone just to make them look good. Anyway, start at the bottom and work up until it is all piled up at the beginning point.

Once the plait is totally bunched up at the top you can begin slowly working it back down. Take a bit of time to get the spacing you want. Just keep working back down on the spacing until you have it where you want it. When the spacing is right double check once more. If all is good, blend the 3 locks back into one and secure it somehow. I use elastic hair bands most of the time, however it is nice to anchor the end about mid ways up on the back of the head. That really adds an interesting free hanging loop on the sides.

This project is just so simple. And by using different combinations of these, you can change a look to be anything from playful, sensual, elegant or whatever. You can do this to just look different then usual.

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