Easy Peasy Pull Through Braid

Easy Peasy Pull Through BraidWhy use this easy peasy pull through braid method. It seems almost like a regular 3 legged braid, but requiring much more work. Who on earth would do more work in today's microwave world?

Well, look again. The video shows starting with some twists at the top of her head, but states that part is not necessary. You can use the twists or just about any other technique you want to later, to change up this method of "looking great" however at first just do without. Starting out with a simple pony tail will make people notice you anyway so those extra steps will be there for you jazz it up when others start copying your hair style in the future to again set you apart.

So although just a bit work intensive it's really simple to understand and do this little thing and the results are so worth it in the people that notice you. And you will be noticed, admired, maybe envied.

Supplies Needed

Clear Tangle Free No-damage Pony Tail Holders

4mm No Tangle Multi Colored Elastic Hair Tie Pony Tail Holder

Comb with a tail(optional)
Hair spray(optional)

Step by Step Instructions

Start with a simple pony tail. If you want you can add some extra steps leading into this pony tail, but that is totally not necessary. Hold it in place with a colored elastic hair band.

Divide the hair in 2 sections. Top and bottom. They need to be about the same amount of hair. On the top section maybe 2 inches down put a small clear elastic band here too. I use the clear ones for this because one of my grand daughters has blond hair the others have brown. You will need a lot of these small bands. Although they should be hidden, you want to use bands that are not bright colored here so they will blend in and not be noticed. This video took about 12. Some are visible, but would really stand out if they were say red or yellow.

Now split the top to make a hole. Pull the bottom section through the hole. The bottom and top sections of hair trade places. Once this is done, go to the new bottom section and give a light pull to snug up the elastic. This is an important step because you want to keep it neat and also this keeps the design uniform.

Go ahead and repeat by putting an elastic on the new top section 2 inches down, make a hole and pull the bottom section through again.

When you reach the end of the usable hair, just blend both sections together again and secure it. You can use a regular elastic band or one of the light weight ones.

If desired you can kind of pull the sides just a bit on each bump section to change them into a more flat look instead of the more rounded rope look they have normally.

The process shown can easily be done in 10 minutes as long as you have all the supplies ready when you start.

This is a simple method of glamorizing oneself. It is great for general appearance but also has the advantage of controling hair. Wind won't bother this 'do. Hair is off the neck and helps you be cooler. This model even slept in her's and they said she looked the same the next day without any fussing so this could work for multiple days. This can be worn just to keep the hair under control while playing, or to school, work and even more formal settings like weddings and such.

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