Navy Blue Hair Accessories

Navy Blue Hair AccessoriesThere are always events happening and we girls like to go all the way when it comes to fixing ourselves up. We often start while still in the shower with lotions or creams. We continue as we dress and then add makeup. We have a lot of choice in lipstick or eye shadow, but often are limited as to the color of our tresses. We might cut it or braid it or do some kind of bun, but I personally never use dyes or the likes of that. I do like to use other types of adornment though. There are things not unlike jewlery I use on occasion. For me, I find navy blue hair accessories work out just great.

Whether just a simple scrunchie, or elastic bands in a pony tail. Something more elegant like flowers or bows for more formal occasions there is always something to choose from. I have a drawer full just of stuff like that.

Due to her recent graduation, I wanted to find something matching for my niece and myself. We are quite close and when I mentioned the idea she was onboard. In fact she was encouragingly excited about the idea of me doing something different to her looks then she had ever done for herself. And it was such a simple thing. So we both wore light weight, light colored plaid flannel shirts, dark skinny jeans, pony tails, and had the most awesome leather hair bands. She got lots of compliments as most people had never even seen these before. I had only one, but she looked supreme with a daisy chain of 4. Her cut, much longer then my shoulder length, ends about the middle of her back so there was plenty to work with.

So we started by shopping online. Always being style, but also price conscious we considered several types of things we could try. She will only graduate from high school once. Since she was wearing a cap, one of the options we looked at would never work. But there are other occasions where a head wrap would be perfect. The cap was an accessory in and of itself so although we liked several of the various items below we settled on one. Isn't it funny that what we chose ran me about $60, where anything else would have been much cheaper? Anyway, the leather bands were the perfect choice for this occasion and now she wears them doing anything from barrel riding to formal dances.

No-Snag Navy Blue Elastic Hair Ties
No-Snag Navy Blue Elastic Hair Ties

The picture for this first one is not the best. You get 25, which the picture shows all of, but to really see how to use them click the button and see the other pictures. Also there are many other colors to choose from.

One of the things I like is they can be used like the standard elastic band that they are, but if you position the knot just right, you can loop one of these around your braid and just hook the loop over the knot. If niece hadn't loved the leather bands, this would have been what we wore to her graduation. And we only would have needed to get one order to fulfill our needs. We would have used them in our hair and on one wrist each.

The manufacturer said:
Bulk hair ties can be used to DIY your own party favors or make sets for school teams, bridal showers, baby showers, and corporate events.

More colors are available so contact us if you don't see the color you are looking for listed.

Gentle and stylish knotted elastic ribbon hair ties don't leave a big crease like traditional hair ties.

As seen in US Weekly, Women's Health, Teen Vogue, LA Times, The Zoe Report, and More Magazine. Favorite of celebrity stylists. Cyndibands have been used in NYFW, and on the Emmys, Met Ball and Oscars Red Carpets.

Soft elastic doesn't snag or damage your hair. Hair ties can also be worn as bracelets. No-fray ends won't unravel for longer lasting ponytail holders. Hand knotted in the USA using imported fabric.

Navy Blue Leather ponytail Holder
Navy Blue Leather ponytail Holder

We love this one. I mean a leather hair tie, how could that go wrong for a couple horse loving cowgirls? Well I 'spose it might be a touch to casual for some really formal situations, but otherwise it's just great. It looks comfortable and understated yet has a slight touch of elegance. Young can wear it to be playful. Those of us that more "ageless" can also look playful or have a definite business look. They go with most anything from blue jeans, to bikinis, slacks, mini skirts, or long dresses.

You can get several and daisy chain them together making an entirely different style,

They come in different sizes, but great news here, they have a detailed explanation showing how to measure your hair so you know which you need.

The manufacturer gave the following points:
Handcrafted from premium leather by a small Amish harness shop in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Please measure your ponytail before ordering - Includes elastic band and removable anchor button

Lightweight, modular, flexible, and easy to wear - prevents tangles and breakage

Provides security and comfort for sports, motorcycling, horseback riding, and windy days

Navy 3.5 Inch Mini Banana Clip
Navy 3.5 Inch Mini Banana Clip

What's there to say about these? You can never have to many banana clips in your drawer. On the Amazon site, they also have a smaller companion clip that you can also get.

The seller said:
3.5 inches long
1.5 inches wide
Durable plastic construction
A great hair clip for women and girls!
Awesome Retro Style Hair Clincher

Elegant Navy Blue Flower Hair Clip
Elegant Navy Blue Flower Hair Clip

We both love flowers and of course these also went into the cart for use at some other occasion. So many colors to choose from so we had to get "girly" pink, yellow and purple along with the featured color. These are huge and can also be used as lapel or even table decorations.

The seller also said:
4 Inch funny girl designs flower hair clip

Crafted on a double pronged, ribbon lined alligator clip which features a non slip strip for a tight hold

Flower features a beaded rhinestone and sequin center.

Perfect for everyday wear or special occasions.

 Women Turban Head Cover Accessory
Women Turban Head Cover Accessory

This is what we looked at first. We both wrinkled our nose at it as it's not a rodeo kind of thing. We do realize there are some girls that love going to elegant places where we would feel out of place. We talked about who would like these and where they would wear them. Yeah, $95 a plate restaurants is not on our list of expected destinations, but there are people that would be very comfortable there with one of these turbans.

And in event someone has experienced hair loss for some reason this would be an excellent choice. So many colors to choose from and very inexpensive.

From the seller:
Material: Polyester

Occasion: Ideal to wear while swimming after bathing or while sleeping Outdoor,Baby shower, birthday party, family photo. etc.

A beautiful and versatile accessory for yourself or friends. Stretchy soft and fashionable

Elegant new style pleated gold velvet long foldable turban cap. Brief and generous design show your outstanding taste. This cap is not only design for muslim women,but also for mother,Indian,hair loss,cancer or daily decoration and so on.

Our head cover provides total head coverage for those women with hair loss due to cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, or other hair loss conditions.

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