3 Person Tow-able Tubes

3 Person Tow-able TubesWhen it comes to boating fun on the water, 3 person tow-able tubes can just be the cat's meow. Three people can have so much fun, or two people can get the ride of their lives. Even a single person can make a go of it if needed. Wet, wild, splashing fun, just bouncing over waves or staying in the wake right behind the boat can be so thrilling. This is one of the best ways to burn through time at the lake or beach. And burning time is what seems to happen when you are using this kind of equipment.

I considered who might be buying these as I made this list and put the least expensive on the bottom. Keep in mind, usually the less expensive, the less features it will have though. Basic fun behind a "pull" boat will mostly be the same on any, and they should all be fairly consistent on the strength of the connector and the way the rope attaches. Other things may be apparently different as you look at the higher end units. There are less reviews of a few as some of these look to be newer models and not so many people have them yet. All come with the backing of great shipping options.

You really need to click over to Amazon and see the other pictures for each of these to really get the full picture!

WOW of Water Sports, Macho  3 Person Tow-able Tube
WOW of Water Sports, Macho 3 Person Tow-able Tube

This one is good as there is an indention for people to place their bottom. You can kneel in the same indention for some trick maneuvers. Or lie face down. Each position has handle selections, and nice handles at that I might add. Not many reviews of this one yet but that will likely change as more people get them. Highest on my list, this one rocks with the extras you would expect.

Here are features the manufacturer listed.
* Secure form fit cockpit seating gives riders the option to sit in the cockpit, lay on the deck,or kneel on the back edge
* Form Fit cockpit includes a nylon harness to prevent the riders bottom from hitting water
* UV treated Flex-Sit material for a comfortable ride while laying, kneeling or sitting
* Full nylon cover with heavy duty secure zipper, 12 double webbing foam handles for multiple riding positions
* Heavy duty PVC bladder, zippered valve cover, speed valve for fast inflation and deflation, reinforced tow point

Knee Rider Squad 3 Person Tow able
Knee Rider Squad 3 Person Tow able

The knee rider has plenty of handles in some good places. It gives some options on which to get comfortable. You can kneel or go the other direction and just sit. Only a few reviews but, all are have perfect customer rating so far. This thing is as big as a queen sized mattres.

A few more details from the manufacturer.
* Fully covered 840 D nylon
* Pulls in two directions
* 16 handles with EVA knuckle guards
* Quick connect tow hook
* 78" x 80" when inflated


Less seating options then the units listed above, but still plenty of comfort with the security of good handles. Its good for 1-3 riders, so far with only a few but very high reviews. I wonder if Grandma would like a ride on this one?

Manufacture features.

* Riptide are a great value for tubes that feature a wrap-around backrest for that "couch-like" ride
* These tubes are incredibly lively side to side, requiring very little effort from the boat driver to get them to cross the wake
* Equipped with a kwik-connect for easy rope attachments and disconnects
* 1-3 rider, 85" x 70" (deflated)
* Two patented speed safety valves provide the ultimate in inflation and deflation convenience

Belly Ride Super Slice
Belly Ride Super Slice

The prices are coming down but some of the extras are leaving. So on this one you would have fewer handle and seating options but, I doubt this will be noticed when catching air over a wake wave. Maybe not the right ride for grandma, but the kids, (even the 40 year old ones) will have great fun. Hey! I am a grand ma and I would love riding this one!

The manufacturer lists these features.

* Tapered gusset design to provide better towing characteristics, a more comfortable riding position, and easy mounting in the water.
* Super Slice's nylon cover is manufactured from 100% 840 denier nylon, giving it awesome strength.
* 6 nylon-wrapped handles and neoprene knuckle guards.
* Durable 70" (deflated) 30-gauge virgin PVC bladder fully encased by a double stitched nylon cover with a reinforced tow harness.
* Equipped with a Kwik-Connect for easy attachment to ropes.
* Speed Safety Valve for fast inflating and deflating.
* Designed for 1 to 3 riders.

AIRHEAD G-Force Belly Rider
AIRHEAD G-Force Belly Rider

Least expensive, yet more versatile in some ways then any of the rest. Another one that great-grandma may not feel so comfortable on, but young kids through people nearly grandparent age will love it all the same. (I would love this one too and my hubby is in good enough shape at 60 to enjoy it to.) This unit has less handles if you have 3 riders. However if you need to change to two or even one rider, this unit give more flexibility on those same few handles. Hundreds of people have rated this one and over 2/3rd give it 5 stars.

The manufacturer had these features listed.

* Made using the highest quality materials
* Tested for durability
* Great fun for all ages
* Durable inflatable towable for up to three riders
* Six neoprene knuckle guards and deluxe nylon-covered handles
* Speed Safety Valve for quick inflating and deflating
* Boston valve for quick inflating and deflating
* Dimensions: 78 in. x 75 in. (deflated)

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