Tubes for the River

Tubes for the RiverIt is March. I live in Colorado. Hurry up summer, I want to go tubing!

Hot sun above, cool water below. Slow peaceful lazy pace. Close your eyes, you may even find yourself snoozing. Or sometimes you hear the churning of some rapids ahead of you and you get ready for the splashing. Make sure to not get flipped!

We have hit the river in more then one state and this is possibly the most peaceful way to spend an afternoon. Spent some time at the beach in Texas, and even a lake. Although you can almost always find somewhere to rent them, having our own tubes for the river gave us so many more options. We can use them ourselves as senior citizens or take our grand kids of any age, and even many younger adults from our church join us on occasion. If you have a net or bottom, you can carry your own drinks and snacks along.

The water is the feature of the day, the equipment just makes it more enjoyable.

There is quite a selection and since I partake of this water sport regularly, people often ask me which one is the best one? What should I buy? Well, that actually is up to the buyer. Pink? Camo? Single? Multi person? I have a military son-in law, a "princess" granddaughter, a tomboy granddaughter, a macho grand son, a daughter with 2 toddlers. Each person will find one perfect and the others a bad choice.

I gathered a good selection for my family and friends to choose from. I always try pick products with lots of reviews. It is good to ignore the worst and best and read more to get the feel of how people really think.

Fun-ness and personal fit:
I think everyone important to me can find one of these fits them, and the fun starts when we hit the water.

When it comes to sport equipment, safety is kinda important. Sometimes it's better to spend more to get quality, but don't be fooled. Expensive does not always mean quality. (That's where the reviews come in.) I found "in store" prices close or just a bit more then the ones that made my list. These items are tough enough to last multiple summers, unlike their cheap impostor cousins that may be ok in a back yard pool, but can't stand up to water sources in the wild.

River Run 2 Person Inflatable Tube
River Run 2 Person Inflatable Tube

River Run 53
River Run 53" Inflatable Tube

4 Person River Tube
4 Person River Tube

Two Pack 48
Two Pack 48" River Tubes

River Run 53
River Run 53" Camo Inflatable Tube

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