Silver Medical Alert Bracelets

Silver Medical Alert BraceletsUnless you or someone close to you has one, you probably have never noticed people wearing these unique pieces of jewlery. There are so many kinds you can get now. Plastic in many colors, cheap steel, precsious metals. Jewel enlaid for necklace or wrist.

As I get a reaction to most earings, I can't have pierced ears, and find silver medical alert bracelets to be the best fit for me. Being one of the higher selling types of this product, I guess other people think the same thing.

No one plans to have an accident. No one expects to have EMTs show up to discover them unconscious or unable to speak for ourselves in some other way. But it happens.

Case in point, someone near to me was involved in a minor fender bender car accident. This was so minor it didn't even trip the air bags. Everyone should have just walked away. The officer that worked the accident scene though realized the driver of one car was acting really funny. He didn't recognize that she had gone in to an adrenal crisis. Having Addison's Disease, (President Kennedy had it too) she had gone into a kind of shock that made her look "under the influence" and he initially thought she was drunk. He then noticed she had no alcohol smell about her nor the smell of pot in her car so figured she must be high on something. He was about to read her, her rights.

Then the EMTs showed up and saw her medic alert bracelet. That saved her from a DUI arrest. Much more importantly, they recognized she was in shock and effected immediate transport to the hospital.

In her case, she would have beaten the DUI with no problem, but it would have always been on her record, and still cost her time and money even though she was innocent.

The real thing you should consider here is if you, or a loved, one has a life threatening medical situation, it is just irresponsible to not have something to let first responders know.

There are many kinds of medic alert items you can get now. You can get different colors to coordinate with your daily clothes choices. You can get necklace pieces that stay tucked inside your shirt like dog-tags. But you need something.

Now, why did I choose these specific items? Well, shopping for a daughter that needs one. Once we narrowed to silver, and a bracelet, I did what I do. I studied a bunch and read between the lines and went on instinct. I would be happy to get any of these for her. But I am not going to tell you which her husband and her chose. You need to select what is right for yourself.

Style over cost:
When it comes to jewelry, everyone has their own taste. I always try to be price conscious when helping my kids and friends locate what they are shopping for but sometimes price is a lower priority. I did look at price, but in this case a piece made to cheaply may break in the very accident you need it to save your live. So durable and dependable is more important.

Reviews and questions:
As always, check out the reviews for yourself. Its best to eliminate the worst and best and go with the average to get a feel for what people think about an item. In this selection I selected 2 that as of yet don't have any reviews. The rest all have high scores. If you choose an item, any item with no reviews we suggest you send a review after you have had time to check it out.

This is a special situation and you need to put a message on the jewelry. Daughter needs more space then a necklace pendant allowed so a bracelet was needed. Keep in mind EMTs have very special rules regarding where they get information. However they will communicate to the hospital and get instructions. Find out the best text to put on your choice instead of "making up your own" as that will probably be ignored by first responders.
You will need to find out about; text, engraving, and characters

Children's Medical Alert Bracelet 6.5in 925 Silver
Children's Medical Alert Bracelet 6.5in 925 Silver

Medical Alert Curb Link Bracelet 7.50 and 8.50 Inches
Medical Alert Curb Link Bracelet 7.50 and 8.50 Inches

Figaro Chain Engravable Medical Alert Bracelet
Figaro Chain Engravable Medical Alert Bracelet

Woman's Medical Bracelet with Figaro Chain
Woman's Medical Bracelet with Figaro Chain

Medical Alert  Anchor Link Bracelet 8.00 and 7.00 Inches
Medical Alert Anchor Link Bracelet 8.00 and 7.00 Inches

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